Class Presentation

Last Friday we had the chance to present our concepts in class to the people from Oticon and to receive some feedback. We are happy to say that the presentation went as good as we planned to. The feedback was really good too!

As we mentioned in previous posts we decided to present 3 different concepts. The first one used the hearing aid as an emergency button/call using the device’s button.


The second one was a combination of the hearing aid device and a medicine box that would be connected to the internet. Using several sensors on the box we would remind the user to take the medicines for that day in case he/she forgot about it through the Oticon device.

Finally, the third concept merged the current baby monitors with a internet connected device that would warn the user directly when something is wrong.


From these 3 concepts,  two of them received excellent feedback from our fellow students and the people from Oticon: the reminder and the baby monitor. To decide which one was going to be our final concept we decided to make some questionaires that we would send to the Danish Association of the Hard of Hearing ( to know from the users point of view which one offered more value to them. In the meantime we also did a quick Harris Profile evaluation.

A Harris Profile is a graphic representation of the strengths and weaknesses of design concepts. For this we defined some categories that we found relevant and evaluated our concepts based on those categories. These were the results:


From this simple evaluation we saw that both the Reminder and the Child Monitor scored really similar, with a slight advantage for the Child Monitor since it has less negative scores. However, before jumping in to the final decision we will wait until we obtain some answers from the questionaires sent to the potential users. We will add that information in a future post so keep tuned!



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