Online survey – The Danish Association of the Hard of Hearing

Hi there!

To do a quick & dirty research and evaluation from hearing aid user’s we contacted The Danish Association of the Hard of Hearing, to see if they would agree to post a short survey regarding the top and our initial ideas. And we succeeded! The post can be seen below:


In two days we managed to get 12 individual hearing aid user’s to answer our questionaire, which can be found in the link  .

Here, you can see a short overview of some of the results from the survey:

Average age: 49,6, 60 (median)
Men: 5
Lowest time of use: 
3 months
Highest time of use:
36 years
User’s of Oticon hearing aid:

Below you can see how the rated different questions:


Above you can see in average the user found concept 3 “Child monitor most useful to them.

We also tried to ask if the thought the concepts could be useful to other, which can be seen here:


In general the results are a bit closer to each other than before. It is interesting to see that the ratings are higher than the first question.

We also tried to ask if the think IoT can be useful to them:


From the answers it seems like we still should try to pursue THE IoT thing! 😉

From the results we can know compared it with our own internal evaluation, eloborate the ideas, and choose which one we should work on.

Stay tuned, more to come!





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