Setting up the Owl System with user’s in mind (Interactions)

Hello World!

As part of the project we have now considered what kind of sensor system which might be handy to make the concept “The Owl” feasible and useful for hearing aid user’s.

As design team it is important that the concept should be designed for different scenarios and actions.

A good question to ask yourself as design team is what kind of interactions there will be when the concept comes alive. Below you find some of the basic interactions:

  • Installation and setup
  • Before use
  • In action – baby is monitored
  • After use/when not in use

The baby monitor device future development

Some inspiration to how to the system can work can be found in some other IoT products on the market today. Below you can draw an analogy to these ones compared with our concepts (especially connectivity):

Belkin Wemo Switch + motion 

Philips Hue 

The software system


As seen above the system works the way that when the baby monitor is active it sends first string of information to the IFTTT applet which reads the value and send the information to the Oticon APP which is connected to the hearing aid device and user which receive  the message/notification.

Device setup

Another aspect of the interaction is how the device should be setup to a connection. This can be done in two different ways:

  • Wifi connection
  • Bluetooth connection

Below you can see how the two different setups are intented to work and what pros and cons for each different connection there may be:



Pros: More realiable connection

Cons: Need for extra installation app



Pros: Fast setup 

Cons: Walls can affect connectivity

An example on how to setup a Wifi connection to an IoT device can be seen in this example:


More to come!


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