Physical Model

The Owl is a child monitor and child monitors needs to be nearby a sleeping child to give proper feedback to the parents (or grandparents). The Owl will be placed onto the crib in order for the sound sensor and movement sensor to have the best environment to function correctly. The project team have been evaluating the different mounting techniques for mounting the owl correctly. The mounting have two main problems: Being “baby proof” and have simple and effortless mounting function while still being universal for most cribs. These two problems have been investigating in the following:


Two main thoughts have been used as the basis for the ideation of mounting techniques, either having a separate mount system or have an integrated mounting system for the owl. The two scenarios are described below:

Mount and owl

The “base” mount is glued/screwed onto the crib in which the owl can be fixated. This can be done in numerous ways where mounting will be very easy for the user.

Main issue is how to make the attachment, between mount and owl, baby proof. The mounting is limited by where the mounts are installed


Different variations:

  • Magnet connection
  • Snap fit
  • Clamp
  • Screw to fasten

Mounting feature part of the owl

The actual mounting feature will be part of the owl. Here, the owl can be moved around freely and attached different Places. The mounting feature itself could limit the attachment possibilities and the baby proof problem will be more complicated.

Different variations:

  • Velcro
  • Clamps
  • Snowboard strap system
  • Watch strap
  • Buckles


The two approaches has been summed up in the table below. Here, the pros and cons highlights the strengths and the weaknesses of the two approaches.

  Mount & Owl Mounting feature part of Owl
Pros ●     Robust mounting

●     The mount can be implemented in most cribs

●     Minimal interaction when mounting

●     Versatile mounting application

●     Easy installment

●     No extra parts required

●     More interaction to mount the Owl

Cons ●     Mounting part is needed

●     Extra installment

●     Less aesthetically pleasing

●     The mounting feature limits where the Owl can be mounted

●     Less baby proof


After evaluating the two ways of mounting mentioned above, it was decided that a mounting feature that is part of the Owl would be the optimal solution. So, during research and ideation on that approach, the goal was to come up with a design that could potentially be used in all kinds of cribs ( the ones which have bars, the ones without bars ). In the sketches below it is shown some of the ideas sketched:


The final concept chosen can be adapted to a large variety of cribs and it provides stability. The monitor (Owl) has flexible clamping mechanism on the back, made out of elastomer plastic which gives the possibility to be clamped easily and at the same time be both flexible and stable.

It must be tested to understand and improve the interaction between the design and the child. The goal is the design to be discreet in order not to attract the child’s attention.A significant question which must be investigated is if the child is able to remove it from the crib with the current design. In that case, the parents should be alerted and this is another feature that should be integrated in the app.


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